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Our Mission

We believe that children and their families learn and grow together. A solid foundation, established early on in life, indicates a positive prognosis for future success. Each child develops at their own rate and we aim to meet them where their current strengths are, while assisting them in making progress towards their goals.  We help children learn the skills required to independently engage in the world around them.


Play OnWords Therapeutic Services came about from a passion for serving our vibrant community. The children of the Virgin Islands are enthusiastic, unique, and thriving.  Our goal is to provide services to ensure everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential!

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Where We Can Help:

Speech - Language Therapy


Expressive / Receptive Language

Stuttering / Fluency

Alternative and Augmentative Communication

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Social Communication

Early Intervention

Physical Therapy

Toe Walking

Gross Motor Delay

Fine Motor Delay

Developmental Delay

Post-surgical Rehab

Orthopedic Injuries



Occupational Therapy

Emotional Regulation

Fine Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skills

Sensory Processing

Executive Functioning Skills

Visual Motor Skills

Activities of Daily Living / Independence

Play OnWords


Speech and Language Therapy

What is it?

Pediatric Speech and Language Therapy covers all aspects of communication, from birth into adulthood.  As soon as a baby is born, they’re communicating with their environment using strategies like eye-contact and crying. As that baby grows the communication demands become more complex.  Communication is the essence of human interaction, the process by which we express ourselves and engage in the world around us. 

A Speech and Language Pathologist (therapist) addresses all aspects of communication. This may include; increasing expressive language, supporting language comprehension, stuttering, improving speech sound clarity, and finding alternative methods of communication for non-verbal children. 

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Occupational Therapy

What is it?

Occupational Therapy (OT) helps children succeed and function in the most important areas of their lives; self-care, school, and play. These are considered a child’s occupations. An Occupational Therapist looks at a child holistically to determine where delays or limitations exist and how to overcome them.  If a child is displaying physical, social, emotional, or cognitive delays, they may benefit from the support of an OT.  Our method is to examine all systems, sensory, cognitive and emotional, in order to obtain a comprehensive picture of the child

and how to best support their development.


Our Team


Adrienne Dooley, M.S., CCC-SLPOwner

Creating a safe space for my clients is my utmost priority..


Ashley Moreau, OTR/L, ATIA

As an OT bringing a variety of therapeutic experience to my daily work...


Dr. Marcela Donat, DP, DPT

I have a passion for working with children of all abilities...

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Jeri Parker, M.S., CCC-SLP

My enthusiasm for working with the community of STT derives from.. 

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Each child develops at their own rate and we aim to meet them where they are in their personal development in order to assist them in making progress towards their goals.

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